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Baneling by Morxx
A new steampunk way of StarCraft 's units. Now a Baneling is rolling into you, so run!
This was a bigger challange for me, because Baneling is an organic unit and it has a specific shapeshift condition.

I hope you like it!
Best wishes,
Welcome to Zangarmarsh by Morxx
Welcome to Zangarmarsh
An other fan art from Blizzard's world, now a WoW one.

I'd like to create an image for the new Warlords of Draenor 's patch, so welcome to Zangarmash. Where you can find peace and rest, or not.

I hope you like it!

Best wishes,
Commander MacWheeler by Morxx
Commander MacWheeler
The Legendary Solider of war against the brutish bloodthirsty core hound swarm.

A genius engineer who only needs a screwdriver, to create awesome machines. Him ingenuity was saved many of him race.

He is a 2/8 Legendary minion. (6 mana cost)

Entering yell: Hey son,  i told ya, don't push that button!

Summon: Another lovely tool , hahaha.

Attack : Do you like surprises? I'm very!

Summon adamantin bomb: Soft and shiny, do you want it?

Death: You're late, I'm done! ahhwww.

At the start of the turn he summon 3 gnome machines into the field with 0/2. (random) (in stealth)

- the mana reactor : gain 1 mana for each rounds. (or fill an empty).
- the sky cluster: you can see one random card from your opponent hand in each turn.
- the maniac wheel brain: a robot who overload 2 mana crystal of the opponent.
- the
screw treasure: draw a card in each turn.
- the deep see mechanic whale: devour an enemy minion of each turn if it has 3 or less health.
- the
grape-shot bomb: deal 1 damage of each minion of the field. (this card moves your hand) (0 mana cost).
- the gnomish army knife : restore full health of one selected minion, than it removes.
- the copper kinetic wand: +2 spell damage.
- the observer orb: Give a selected minion taunt and divine shield ( if the minion falls, orb removes with together).
- the gnomish rocket launcher: give the selected minion charge and +2 attack (if the minion dead, you can choose an other one).
- the runed plate belt: give the selected minion +3 health (if the minion falls, belt removes with together).
- the clone machine: create a copy from the selected minion ( rarely summon ) ( if the minion falls, you  can choose another one) ( only one minion can be copied).

- the legendary screwdriver toolkit: summon a living screwdriver with 2/2 (enrage : +2 attack) ( often summon ).

MacWheeler can control maximum 3 summoned equipments. if someone falls, He summon a next one.

- If he has only 1 health left and stay alive at the end of the round, he summon the final titan core adamantin bomb with 5/5
At the end of opponent turns, the bomb self destruct, and deal 10 damage to everybody. ( as 4th invention ) (not in stealth)

If the commander dies, the tools don't die with him, but loose the ability stealth.
If a tool dies, the additional ability don't remove from the selected minion.

This is my entry here, i hope you like it!
Image idea based on Blizzard Goblins VS Gnomes and Macgyver series.
Good luck to everyone, and keep up the good work to Blizzard!

Tamas Gyerman

HS_burning_steppes_env_concept by Morxx
My imagination about Blizzard's HeartStone map.

A Burning steppes verison.

The Original Map Artwork copyrights owner by Blizzard Entertainment.


Tamas Gyerman
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I'm a CG artist, fan of all beauty and interesting things. Mainly i love the sci fi and middle age topics. And are also the macro world creatures.

Currently i work as a prop generalist at Digic Pictures.

Thanks so much, if you made a comment!

available for freelance.

Best wishes,
Tamas Gyerman


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